Andrey Ivchenko

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Autograph $35, sold at table only

Photo Op $40

Selfie at table TBD

Combo Autograph and Selfie $50


Born in the heart of the Ukraine, in a city called Kharkiv, Andrey Ivchenko was always a dreamer and very passionate about television and film. As his desire to be an actor grew, Andrey enrolled in his high school theater programs and realized he was a natural at memorizing lines quickly and learned how to own the stage.

At the age of 18, Andrey joined the U.S.S.R. military and served for 2 years. After he got out, he attended college and got his Masters Degree in Kinesiology. During that time, all he could think about was having an acting career. Knowing his opportunities to succeed in film and television were extremely limited in Ukraine, Andrey packed up and moved to Europe for the next few years hoping to find bigger opportunities. Not too long after, he moved to Toronto, Canada (where he later became a citizen) to try his luck knowing there were many more productions in television and film casting. Almost immediately, Andrey signed with an agent and began landing acting/stunt roles on such known shows as: "Falling Skies," "Nikita," and "The Transporter" (the TV series). He landed his first leading role in a Lionsgate feature called "The Way Of The West" which was released in 2011 as well as a lead role in the Envision Media feature "Freezer" opposite Dylan McDermot which was released in 2014.

After having some great success in Canada, Andrey decided to make the move to Los Angeles. Since moving to LA about 7 years ago, Andrey has landed almost a dozen additional recognizable credits in television and film. He is most recognized as the Russian Terminator, Grigori, on season 3 of the Netflix mega hit series "Stranger Things" as well as from his supporting role, opposite Vin Diesel, in the box office hit "xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage" as the Russian villain 'Red Erik.' Last year, Andrey also could be seen recurring on the TV show "Counterpart" on Starz!