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George Takei at Phoenix Fan Fusion


To attend Phoenix Fan Fusion, you will need to purchase a Membership.  This is your pass to the convention.  We like calling them Memberships as it makes us feel like we're members of this greater artistic, creative, and geek community.  We are all bonded by our love and passion for the genres featured at Phoenix Fan Fusion.


Memberships are ONLY sold online.  Simply purchase from your phone, tablet, or computer.

We have multiple options to best fit your schedule, from single day passes for those who want to check out the event or can only attend for a limited time, up to our Full Event pass for those able to join us for the entire weekend and experience everything we have to offer!

Once purchased, simply present your barcode at Badge Redemption onsite at our show (unless you purchased the optional Badge Shipping, where your badges will be shipped to your address beginning May 8)If you purchased for another, simply provide them with your barcode (much like a concert ticket).  There will be Badge Redemption locations outside each of our three secured entrances.

[Photo:  George Takei, Guest 2011, 2019]


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