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Al Sparrow

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Local creator Al Sparrow is the creator, artist, and writer of T'WITCH, a humor/horror magazine designed as an homage to those great horror mags of the 70s. He is also the writer and co-creator of the sci-fi romp RED SKIRTS with artist Dave Beaty, and SECTION 8 with artist Mike Gallagher.

He is currently working on the all-ages fantasy FAIRSTONE. In addition, his work has appeared in numerous anthologies, including the national publication CARtoons.

A member of NAZCA (the Northern Arizona Cartoonists Association), he is also the creative director of Studio Fugazi, and writes and produces the video podcast "This Got Made" with his puppet-creating wife Michele Snyder (Madshell's Monstrosities).

Al likes coffee, pretending he can play guitar, and looks forward to having this thing called free time when he can actually read comics instead of just making them.

Al Sparrow
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