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Albert Morales

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Albert Morales is an International multi-award-winning cartoonist and illustrator of comics, young adult fiction, and children's books. Currently Albert is heavily involved in the 2023 RISE of the MIDNIGHT SONS from MARVEL/UPPERDECK, and his own hell rider MONDO SAVAGE. Albert had some opportunity to provide cover art on the ever-popular property HASBRO's TRANSFORMERS in the IDW series entitled TRANSFORMERS: ESCAPE!, IMAGE COMICS title DO A POWERBOMB!, and the mega popular SKOTTIE YOUNG series I HATE FAIRYLAND!

Albert was the nominee for the CARTOON CROSSROAD'S EMERGING CARTOONIST AWARD in 2018 and his work has been collected and curated in the BILLY IRELAND CARTOON ART MUSEUM with his own comic strip SUPER IMPACTO. Among his many projects, his work as a MARVEL /UPPERDECK artist has allowed opportunities to work on titles such as MARVEL PREMIER, and MARVEL MASTERPIECES, multiple SPIDER-MAN sets, followed up by the X-MEN. His work as also led him to assist on several of the HERO INITIATIVE 100 Projects. A program established to assist artists that came prior in the business with any financial or medical assistance they may need.

Albert Morales
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