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Dan DiDio

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

For nearly twenty years, Dan DiDio served DC Comics in several roles, during which, his innovation and energy made him synonymous with the characters and publishing line.

Dan DiDio joined DC in January 2002 as Vice President, Editorial and quickly ascended into the role of Senior Vice President/ Executive Editor, DC Comics one year later. In that position, he directed the creative development and helped contemporize the superhero line of titles, to bring increased relevancy and diversity to the line. He was also responsible for attracting some of comics’ top talent to DC and locking them into exclusive contracts to ensure quality books for the years to come.

DiDio was also an accomplished writer at DC Comics, having created and re-developed several comic series at DC, including SIDEWAYS, OMAC, PHANTOM STRANGER, and, METAL MEN.

His efforts lead to a multi-year resurgence in sales with a string of best-selling, critically acclaimed titles including IDENTITY CRISIS, INFINITE CRISIS, 52, the weekly series, and ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. and the revitalization of the key franchises like BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN LANTERN. In 2010 Dan DiDio was named Publisher of DC Entertainment, alongside Jim Lee. As Publisher, he directed and oversaw DC Entertainment’s entire publishing business under its key three imprints – DC, Vertigo, and MAD.

Throughout his tenure, DiDio continued to work closely with DCE editorial and creative teams to develop compelling storylines and characters and spearheaded many of the comic industry’s most successful publishing events, including the widely acclaimed relaunch of DC Comics with The New 52. He was instrumental in the creation of new imprints, like Gerard Way's Young Animal and Joe Hill's Hill House Comics, and also worked with DCE’s Creative Affairs and Warner Bros Film, Television, and Animation teams to help coordinate the creative content of the comics with the media business.

Before joining DC, DiDio worked in a variety of positions in the television industry, including Capital Cities/ABC where he served as Public Relations Manager for three New York-based daytime dramas and an Executive Director of ABC Children's Programming. While with ABC Children's Programming, he oversaw the weekly broadcast schedule and was the development executive of a diverse slate of kids shows which included live-action (Fudge, Bone Chillers), stop motion (Bump in the Night), traditional cel animation (Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Madeline) and the first computer-animated television series, REBOOT.

DiDio left ABC, to join Mainframe Entertainment as Writer/ Story Editor for the third season of REBOOT and helped develop and story edit two additional series, SHADOW RAIDERS and WEIRD-OH'S.

At Mainframe, DiDio eventually transitioned into the role of Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, where he oversaw the development, distribution, marketing, promotion, merchandising, and licensing of all Mainframe's television properties, and worked closely with several toy companies to create series based on popular toy lines like Transformers: Beast Machines, Barbie and Action Man.

Dan DiDio
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