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Mark Kidwell

Appearing Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Mark Kidwell is an illustrator, comic book creator-writer and artist, special film FX designer and designer of custom fantasy gaming miniatures.

Mark has created and worked on comic book series for Image Comics ('68, Creature From the Depths, Tyrannosaurus Rex), IDW Publishing (Gene Simmons House of Horrors), Fangoria Comics (Bump, Recluse) and Frazetta comics (Dark Kingdom, Freedom). His work on the long-running "Vietnam Zombie" series, "'68" has won various awards, with many issues selling out completely.

Mark designed the infamous "Walrus" suits for Kevin Smith's over the top horror film, "TUSK", the "Meat Man" for Don Coscarelli's "John Dies at the End", the Hockey Golium for Smith's "Yoga-Hosers" and many other horror film features. His most recent work can be found in the 80's throwback horror comic series, "RISING REBELS" and in the creature production designs for the hit Netflix series, "THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE".

Mark Kidwell
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