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Mog Park

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mog Park worked on as an illustrator for HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Look for her work in the Blu Ray DVDs from  Season 3 to Season 7.

Mog’s “Yeine”  Won Daily Deviation on Deviant Art submission for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by author N.K. Jemisin who featured it at the International Conference of Fantastic Arts in Florida.

Currently Mog is the regular interior and cover artist on Snow Paw and Ruxy the Vampire.  She is also a regular cover artist for Justin Hunt’s Ninja Witch and on several titles for Ethereal Comics.  She continues to produce many variant covers for the independent sector.

Mog is a featured artist on @‌Artist Alley Shopping Network on Facebook streaming live Sunday at 6pm PST.  She is also the host, with her husband Mel, of Sketch Up on The Experience on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook on Thursdays 7pm PST.

Open for commissions Mog can be contacted, and followed,  on Facebook @ Art de Mog Park.

Mog Park
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