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Sam de la Rosa

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Since 1982 Sam de la Rosa has finished art/inked/drawn for Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, and Dark Horse. Credits include Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Black Panther, The Avengers, Star Wars, X-Men and more. He worked on Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Star Trek, Firestorm and others for DC Comics. In 1989 at Dark Horse Comics he worked on the 1st and 2nd Predator comicbooks. Sam's work on VENOM LETHAL PROTECTOR #1-6 and Venom Separation Anxiety 1-4 is the main basis for the VENOM MOVIE. VENOM: Let There Be CARNAGE Movie is based on Maxium Carnage which Sam penciled/inked its conclusion over layouts also worked on. His work on Maxium Carnage and Venom Separation Anxiety were made into video games. So far this year he drew covers for Venom Lethal Protector II #1, The Uncanny Spider-Man #1, Predator vs Wolverine #2, Superior Spider-Man vs Doc Ock #4, Wolverine: Madripoor Knights, Venom Separation Anxiety Variant Gem Cover and Black Panther.                 
instagram: artistsamdelarosa

Sam de la Rosa
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