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Jinx Cosplay

Appearing Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Jinx is a Filipino-American who has been cosplaying since 2001, and learned to sew from her mother, who helped her create her first cosplay. She has cosplayed all over the world, including San Diego Comic-con, Anime Expo, MCM London, and Middle East Film and Comic-con. ⁠

Her awards include Best in Show at Tucson Comic-con, Best in Masters at Game On Expo, and 2nd Place Journeyman at Phoenix Fan Fusion. Jinx prefers performing and hosting on stage and in front of the camera over competing. She loves to support and encourage other cosplayers to learn and grow their skill. ⁠

She is a regular host for the weekly show with her friends she created during the pandemic, CosTalk Live, and helps produce small meetups and events around the valley for cosplayers and fans.⁠

Jinx Cosplay
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