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Appearing Friday, Saturday, Sunday

LarpLikeRae is a multi-talented Cosplayer based in Southern AZ. They are best known as “The Tattooing Cosplayer” offering tattoo sessions fully in cosplay for an in character experience. Not stopping there, LarpLikeRae excels in the fields of larping, sewing, prop building, social media and animating.

LarpLikeRae is a Master level cosplayer that has competed in many cosplay competitions with their hand-made costumes, and has been a judge just as many times! Traveling for conventions, Guesting and Judging, LarpLikeRae is known for creating a fun and memorable experience for the convention and cosplay community!

Outside of cosplay, they are a full time tattooer, artist, has a love for cherries, pink princess themed things, and DR. PEPPER! 
They are so happy to bring their signature cosplays to bring a great convention experience!

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