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Michelle Maka

Appearing Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Michelle Maka is a seasoned cosplayer and talented seamstress, bringing to life characters from the worlds of anime, manga, and beyond. With eight years of sewing experience under her belt, Michelle's craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every costume she creates.

As a passionate content creator, Michelle shares her expertise through engaging tutorials, catering to both anime enthusiasts and those exploring cosplay from diverse genres. Her tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from replicating iconic anime looks to crafting costumes inspired by non-anime characters, making her content accessible to a diverse audience.

Whether she's attending conventions, sharing her knowledge online, or immersing herself in the cosplay community, Michelle Maka continues to inspire fellow cosplayers and sewing enthusiasts with her creativity, skill, and infectious enthusiasm for the art of cosplay.

Michelle Maka
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