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Events and Activities

All of the events and activities that take place during our show are available to you as you have access to all of it* with your Single Day (for the day you're attending) or Full Event Badge.

Unique, engaging panels, events, and parties presented by dynamic, knowledgeable presenters and performers make our show exciting and memorable.  We host thousands of hours of activities, more than all but a handful of nationally known conventions.  It's a hallmark of our show that there are so many activities taking place at any one time you won't be able to see or do it all in one day or even the full weekend. 

Check back frequently as we will be adding more events and activities!


We organize our Events and Activities by Fandoms and by different event types so there truly is something for everyone.  


*Seating is not guaranteed at any specific event due to room capacity limits; we do not clear panel rooms between events.  A few workshops, charity fundraisers, or special events require a separate paid admission.  

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