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Panel and Presenter Submission -

Fan Fusion 2024 panel applications are closed!

We host a thousand hours of panels and need help from talented and enthusiastic fans who can create, practice and present imaginative panels and experiences.

Presenters whose submission is accepted will receive a complimentary Single Day pass for the day of their panel.  If you participate on two or more panels you will receive a Full Event pass.   
Here are some things we look for in presenter and panel submissions:

Public Speaking Experience:

  • Experience in public speaking in front of a live audience

  • Dynamic and enthusiastic presentation style

  • Ability and willingness to collaborate with 2-4 partners to develop up to three one-hour long presentations

  • Unique background and voice

  • Openness to developing a panel to fit with one of the key themes. Specific themes can include shows, movies, games or other trending\popular elements of pop culture. Generally, these will fall under

    • Anime\Manga

    • Comic Books

    • Fantasy

    • Games\Gaming

    • Horror

    • Science-Fiction


Panel Topics and Presentation Concepts

  • A novel presentation concept or format

  • An unusual topic or theme and\or a new approach to a topic

  • A new\interesting way of delivering content that’s beyond just a 40-50 minute lecture\Q&A

  • A unique viewpoint

  • A detailed outline and plan for delivery


We’ll ask for:

List of previous speaking engagements

Detailed outlines of previous or proposed presentations

Links to video of previous presentations

The more unique your background and voice as well as the completeness of your panel submission will increase the likelihood it will be selected.


Most of our programming is all ages. Panels that will feature strong language, graphic content, any degree of nudity or strong sexual innuendo may be less likely to be selected, and if chosen will need to be clearly marked as 18+.​

There are some elements or topics that we host on an Invitation Only basis.  We generally do not consider unsolicited proposals on the following:
  • In Character Q&A.

  • Events with additional charges for attendees to participate, including Make and Takes.

  • Conventioning panels where the topics include what to do or how to behave at our shows or at conventions in general.

  • Shadowcasting, such as screening a film with live performance included.

  • Self-published authors seeking to present about their books or about how they got into writing or self publishing.

Receiving a complimentary badge as a Panelist: 
  • Provides the same in-and-out access as a paid attendee during all public hours.  It does NOT allow early or special access.  

  • Does not guarantee interviews, autographs, or photo ops with any invited guests.  

  • Does not allow you to cut lines, save seats, or provide entry in the handful of paid events we schedule.

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