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Eating and Seating at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Here's what to expect for food and sitting at Fan Fusion!


Food and Beverage service for all Phoenix Convention Center & Venues events is provided by their exclusive food and beverage partner, Aventura Catering*. Phoenix Fan Fusion has no control over the food policy of the facility. All outside food and beverage is strictly prohibited. The Convention Center will make reasonable accommodations for those with medical conditions or parents with infant children. Empty refillable water containers are allowed.

There are several locations to purchase food and beverages throughout the Convention Center including the PHX Kitchens Downtown Food Hall​, exhibit hall concessions, vending machines and Starbucks, which is located in the West Building. The Phoenix Convention Center and Aventura typically bring in food trucks as well during Phoenix Fan Fusion.

​*All Aventura retail outlets are cashless and only accept debit/credit cards, Apply Pay and Google Payments.

For specific medical or dietary restriction questions, please contact the Phoenix Convention Center directly at 602-262-6225 or through their "Contact Us" page on their website:


Extra seating can be found on the main level Ballroom 120CD just around the corner from the Food Court. This extra seating is open from 9AM to 5PM each day.

We have INCREASED SEATING by 20% in the Lower Level Exhibitor Hall & Hall of Heroes! You can locate this seating in the far back corner of Hall 4, near the Food kiosks.


With your badge you have IN-AND-OUT ACCESS to our convention for the specific day or full weekend of your badge, and thus, you may easily leave (and later re-enter) to dine at many of the local downtown restaurants around the Convention Center. Or head back to your hotel room or car for lunch you packed.


...over food options, quality, and pricing for food within the Phoenix Convention Center: We don't. That is all controlled by the Phoenix Convention Center and their chosen food vendor Aventura. In addition to no control over food, we do NOT receive any money from the sale of food, drink, or water during our event. We do share your feedback with the facility in regards to these topics with the hopes that will make improvements, but we are not able to directly make any changes ourselves.

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