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Per the Phoenix Convention Center COVID-19 Operating Plan there are no restrictions on attendees, nor required proof of vaccination status, in order to attend an event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

In accordance with CDC guidelines unvaccinated individuals should continue to practice social distancing.  Face coverings are recommended indoors for all individuals regardless of vaccination status.

An FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine is widely available and accessible, and decisions about whether to attend a large scale indoor event is a matter of personal choice, to be determined on an individual basis.  We encourage everyone who is able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to do so to protect themselves and their communities.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make policies adjustments as we feel are needed.  Should the Phoenix Convention Center, City of Phoenix, or State of Arizona require mandates in regards to mask wearing, vaccination status, or physical distancing, we will follow those mandates as well. 

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COVID-19 Update

There are FOUR Floors of Fan Fusion Fun! ⁠
Your badge provides you with in-and-out access throughout the weekend (Full Event) or for the specific day you purchase (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).⁠

Exhibit Halls 1-6 are located in the lower level and this is where you will find over 600+ vendors, artists, creators, dealers, publishers, along with ALL of our invited Celebrity Actors, Comic Book Creators, Authors, Cosplay Guests, and Charity or Community Costume Groups.⁠

All of our programming rooms that feature our events, activities, panels, and workshops take place in these rooms. Every hour there are a few dozen events taking place at one time. ⁠

Ballroom 120BCD is our expanded Gaming Hall with tabletop, board game, console, and e-gaming all weekend long. 

A true highlight is joining our celebrity actors for their panel and Q&A, which are included in your badge purchase without any additional cost. Most of these panels take place in Ballroom 301 in the Third Floor of the West Building.⁠

During the day you'll find extra seating in Ballroom 120A, just around the corner from the food court. ⁠
At night we convert the space into our After Dark Parties, where our Friday Night Anime Rave and Saturday night Party will take place.⁠

And for those who want a con specific souvenir from the show, you can find our Con Merch booth in the Lower Level across from Hall 6.

Discover fortune and glory in this collection of Indiana Jones memorabilia featuring artifacts from all of Indy's amazing on screen adventures.




Radisson Phoenix Airport

Rate Deadline extended to May 31!

Rooms available all dates (as of 5/27)

5 miles from Convention Center; 2 blocks from light rail

$119 single / double

$129 triple

$139 quad

Complimentary self parking


Renaissance Phoenix Downtown

Rooms Friday, Saturday, Sunday and beyond (as of 4/17. We are inquiring into more Thursday night rooms)

Rate ends May 10, 2023

2 blocks from Convention Center

$174 single / double

$174 triple / quad

$30 valet parking


Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown

SOLD OUT as of 3/31

Rate ends May 2, 2023

3 blocks from Convention Center

$139 single / double

$149 triple / quad

$38 valet parking


Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix Downtown

Rooms available all dates (as of 3/31)

RATE EXTENDED May 19, 2023

2 miles from Convention Center; adjacent to light rail

$119 King studio (free breakfast)

$134 King Suite (free breakfast)

$149 2-Queen Suite (free breakfast)

Complimentary parking


Sheraton Downtown Phoenix

Rooms available Friday and Saturday (as of 3/31)

Sold out Thursday and Sunday (as of 3/31)

Rate ends May 10, 2023

2 blocks from Convention Center

$174 single / double

$174 triple / quad

$36 valet parking, $26 self parking


Residence Inn - Phoenix Downtown

Rooms available all dates (as of 3/31)

Rate ends May 5, 2023

5 blocks from Convention Center

$133 single / double

$133 triple / quad

$38 valet parking


Hyatt Regency Phoenix 

Rooms available Thursday and Friday (as of 4/17, we are inquiring into more Saturday and Sunday night rooms)

Rate ends May 12, 2023

Across the street from Convention Center

$159-169 single

$169-179 double

$179-199  triple / quad

$38 valet parking, $28 self parking


Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix Downtown

SOLD OUT as of 3/31

Rate ends May 13, 2023

3 blocks from Convention Center

$144 single / double

$144 triple / quad

$41 valet parking


Courtyard by Marriott - Phoenix Downtown

Rooms available all dates (as of 3/31)

Rate ends May 5, 2023

5 blocks from Convention Center

$123 single / double

$119 triple / quad

$38 valet parking

Costume and Prop Rules


Book a room for the most authentic and immersive Fan Fusion Experience.  Stay in the heart of the action all weekend.  Enjoy After Dark Parties at Phoenix Fan Fusion and join your friends, and fellow superheroes, in all that downtown Phoenix has to offer.  Impromptu get-togethers, dinner with friends, and planned meet ups are regular occurrences.

Costume and Prop Rules


  • Phoenix Fan Fusion does not tolerate harassment or discrimination. If you feel that you are being harassed, or see someone else being harassed, please locate a member of our crew, security personnel, or local police department officer right away. If you see something, say something!

  • All Phoenix Fan Fusion events are all ages and family-friendly unless otherwise indicated. Costumes, cosplay, and “acting the part” are always encouraged but please be aware of the people around you, especially when children are present.

  • Phoenix Fan Fusion abides by state laws for nudity and indecent exposure: A.R.S. §13-1402

  • Inappropriate costumes or actions may result in a request from our staff to change aspects of your costume. Failure to do so may result in revocation of your credentials and removal from the event.

  • Shoes are required to be worn while in convention space. You may remove your shoes for photos if desired, but they must be replaced directly after the photo is taken. Moving around any area of the event space without shoes is not permitted.

  • Roller Skates/Blades or other wheeled items such as skateboards and hoverboards may not be brought, worn, or used in convention space.

  • Depictions of hate symbols are not allowed and you will be asked to remove them. Failure to comply will result in revocation of your badge and removal from the event.

  • If your costume has pieces such as wings, spikes, armor, etc. that extend well beyond your person, or you are carrying a large prop, please be aware of your surroundings and of people around you. You may be asked to change your costume or remove your prop from convention space if it is found to be unwieldy, disruptive, or dangerous.

  • Please do not block doorways, walkways, or exits with your costume, props, or costume pieces.

  • By entering Phoenix Fan Fusion, you consent to use of your image or likeness by media now known or hereafter devised for advertising and/or promotional purposes for any and all Square Egg Entertainment events.


  • If your costume includes any item that covers or partially covers the face, especially if it is not easily removed, upon request, you may be asked for ID and/or additional information by security. Please be sure to keep your ID on you at all times.

  • Helmets, masks, and hoods should not severely limit or impair the wearer’s ability to see. If your costume includes an eyeless hood or other face covering, considering bringing a friend to act as your “handler” and guide you through crowded spaces.


We love cosplay and the creativity behind bringing your favorite characters to life. While safety is our number one priority for our attendees, guests, vendors, and staff, we still want you to bring your Cosplay A-Game, within the guidelines set by the Phoenix Convention Center.

The Phoenix Convention Center has designated a specific prop policy for Phoenix Fan Fusion, which is below.  Final decisions on prop weapons and armor will always be at the discretion of Phoenix Convention Center Security and the Phoenix Police Department. While Phoenix Fan Fusion shares your feedback and concerns with the facility, the final decision is made by them.

A general list of approved and unapproved props is listed below.

For additional information or to request approval for your prop, please send your request, along with a picture to the Phoenix Convention Center here.


  • Lightsabers, wands, and sonic screwdrivers are a-okay!

  • Bows that are completely inoperable: un-strung is best, but loosely strung is okay too.

  • Non-removable arrows in a quiver AND/OR arrows with no tip.

  • Foam, plastic, fiberglass, resin or metal shields with no sharp edges.

  • Metal shields are allowed, but may slow down the screening process at security.

  • Lightweight plastic bats. Any other accessories to the bat (such as those on Negan’s Lucille or the Demogorgon Killer) should also be made of foam or other lightweight material and incapable of harming others. No real barbed wire or nails, please!

  • Armor made of plastic, fiberglass, resin, or metal.

  • Please note: Metal armor is allowed, but will drastically slow down the screening process at security.

  • Any other props & armor (except for anything resembling any sort of real or replica firearm) made of Plastic, Thermoplastic (Worbla), Urethane Resin, Cardboard, Foam, Foam Rubber, or other lightweight material.

Any metal pieces of your costume will likely result in slowing down the security screening process.


Please plan accordingly so you don’t miss any of the fun!


  • Real and replica firearms of any kind, regardless of how unrealistic it looks, or material it is made of. This includes any weapon resembling a firearm such as Star Wars blasters, Nerf guns, Toy guns, Overwatch firearms, etc.

  • Tasers

  • Glass props

  • Stone props

  • Slingshots

  • Brass knuckles

  • Real, replica, or simulated explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons of any kind, including but not limited to:

    • Simulated bomb vests

    • Cartoon bombs

    • Bullets

    • Hand grenades

    • Claymore Mines

    • Firecrackers

    • Pepper Spray

    • Mace

    • Powder caps

  • Metal or wood swords and other sharp-edged weapons

    • Swords, axes, Wolverine Claws, etc may be permitted as long as they are made out of one of the lightweight approved materials listed in the approved section with NO sharp edges.

  • Excessively noisy props including but not limited to:

    • Airhorns

    • Bullhorns

    • Whistles

  • Other Prohibited Items

    • Stick on Shoes

    • Wheeled shoes, skates, skateboards, hoverboards

    • RC cars, planes, drones

    • Heavy, unwieldy props

    • Cast-iron skillets

    • Folding chairs

Final decisions on prop weapons and armor will always be at the discretion of Phoenix Convention Center Security and the Phoenix Police Department. Please keep this in mind as you’re creating your fabulous cosplays. For specific prop questions, please contact the Phoenix Convention Center.  



Phoenix Fan Fusion will always encourage fan convention costume enthusiasts (aka “cosplayers”) to SPEAK OUT against the inappropriate social behavior of a sexual and/or stereotypical nature toward themselves and fellow fans.


Phoenix Fan Fusion has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment and discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate physical contact

  • Physical assault and/or battery

  • Sexually offensive actions or comments

  • Stalking

  • Intimidation

  • Non-consensual photography or recording

  • Constant disruption of panels, photo opportunities, and other events


Discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to:

  • Race & Ethnic Background

  • Age

  • Sex & Gender identity

  • Religion

  • Sexual preferences & orientation

  • Physical Appearance

Violation of this code of conduct will result in revocation of one's badge and removal from the convention. 


Should you feel unsafe: please speak to any member wearing a Phoenix Fan Fusion CREW badge, any security personnel in a Yellow or Blue polo shirt, or Police Officers stationed throughout the event.  


SAFE ZONES are located at the following places:

West Building: Room 104AB, Room 212AB
North Building: Room 121C, Room 229AB
Lower Level Lobby:  Official Con Merchandise booth
Exhibitor Hall:  Exhibitor Manager Booth located at the back of Hall 4


You may also report incidents anonymously  We only disclose this information to key decision making personnel within the Convention and Convention Center.  

The culture of cosplay is one of fun, creativity, and mutual respect. No one should accept inappropriate behavior from their peers. Speak out, speak up, and help keep cosplay comfortable and fun!

If you are taking pictures or video of cosplayers or attendees, you should gain direct consent from each person in your shot. This extends to members of the media, private photographers, and fellow cosplayers alike.


Taking secret photos of cosplayers is not permitted at any time.


Photos or videos shot with the intent of commercialization without the consent of the subject is prohibited.


Cosplayers love to have their photos taken, so just be polite and ask first!

Light Rail
valley metro.jpg

Take Valley Metro Rail to Phoenix Fan Fusion

Valley Metro Rail is the easy, convenient way to access Phoenix Fan Fusion.

Light rail stations closest to Phoenix Fan Fusion:

3rd St/Washington
If crowds become to large in this area, riders may be asked to stay on and use next light rail station.
Washington/Central Ave
Eastbound riders should exit here and use 1st St/Adams entrance.


Purchase your fare ahead of time to skip long lines when heading home.

For more information on planning your trip to Phoenix Fan Fusion using light rail or any Valley Metro service, visit

Valley metro map.jpg
Parking Links Now Available!

Pre-pay and reserve your parking for Phoenix Fan Fusion!


The link represents four downtown parking garages.  We know there are others. However we have not received reservation links from them.  Phoenix Fan Fusion does not own the parking garages, we do not set pricing, nor do we receive any money from parking. 


We provide these links as a service to our attendees, exhibitors, and crew.  

After 11pm the garages are no longer physically staffed with a person there. However, the garages will still be open for attendees to leave.  No one’s car will be towed.

Ride Share
Ride Share Address

Please use this address if using Uber / Lyft:

33 S 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


This will get drop you off at the 3rd street pullout in front of the South building, across the street from Fan Fusion's south entrance.

June 2


[located outside each of our three secured entrances]





[Entrances located at: 2nd & Adams, 3rd & Monroe, 3rd & Washington]

FRIDAY 8:30AM-11:30PM





[Located Lower Level Halls 1-6]





[Located Ballrooms 120, 301, First Floor and Second Floor Programming Rooms 101-232]

FRIDAY 10:30AM-11:30PM

SATURDAY 10:30AM-11:30PM



Convention Location:
Phoenix Convention Center
100 N Third Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Convention Address
Mobility Rental


Pre-book any mobility products before the Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023 event and pick them up in-store OR visit us at the event June 2- 4 to rent a Power Scooter or Wheelchair! See where to rent the day of the event!

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Camera Policy


Attendees are welcome to use still cameras with non-removable lenses less than 6" in length for personal use at Fan Fusion.


Tripods, monopods, external lighting, "selfie sticks", and cameras with lenses longer than 6" and/or with removable or zoom lenses are not permitted into the event without a press badge. 

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