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Charity and Fan Costume Groups

Since 2006, Phoenix Fan Fusion (nee Phoenix Cactus Comicon) has donated exhibit space to local non-profit costuming groups. Beginning with only the Dune Sea Garrison in 2006, Phoenix Fan Fusion will feature over a dozen costuming groups in 2023.


These groups volunteer at children’s hospitals, appear at charity events, and host fundraisers for charitable causes. We are proud to host these groups each year and look forward to the elaborate displays and entertainment they bring.

All Charity and Fan Costume Groups are in the Lower Level Exhibit Hall & Hall of Heroes (Hall 6).  


[Located Lower Level Halls 1-6]




Arizona Autobots.jpg

Cosplay Group

Arizona Autobots

There's more than meets the eye... when the Arizona Autobots attend Phoenix Fan Fusion!⁠

Arizona's very own G1 Transformers costuming group returns to Fan Fusion. They hand-make all of their own costumes and props.⁠


Cosplay Group

Heroes United

Heroes United AZ is an Arizona Based Costuming Charity Group. They are a self-funded multiverse, pop-culture costuming group dedicated to serving the community through happiness and charity.⁠


Cosplay Group

Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive

The Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive is a non-profit cosplay charity group designed to raise money and awareness for charities, while spreading the fun of costuming. All members dress up based around the Umbrella Corporation from the series Resident Evil.


Cosplay Group

AZ Tardis

AZ Tardis is a group of dedicated fans of the long-running British TV series Doctor Who. Established in 2012, they are united by their love of the show and a desire to bring attention to their charity of choice by cosplaying as the various incarnations of the Time Lord known as The Doctor, and his companions and adversaries.⁠


Cosplay Group

Justice League Arizona

Justice League Arizona is an all-volunteer organization formed to bring Arizona costume enthusiasts together under a collective identity with which to operate.

JLAZ seeks to promote interest in DC COMICS® through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Comic-related events.


We contribute to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Fan Group

Cactus Brick

Cactus Brick is a group of adult (over 18+ only) fans of LEGO who collect, build, play with, and share ideas about the LEGO hobby. They meet officially on a monthly basis and present their creations at public displays throughout the year.⁠


Cosplay Group

Off the Page AZ

Off The Page is a non-profit cosplay charity group whose mission is to spread the love of reading and smiles with all children! They oftentimes volunteer their time in partnership with Kids Need To Read to further their mission.


Stop by and say hello, take photos, take some candy, magazines, and books while visiting. There will be a raffle for a few baskets of princess-themed goody baskets! All proceeds will go to Kids Need To Read!

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