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George Buza

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George Buza is a native of Cleveland, Ohio where in his first exposure to the dramatic arts participated in  the theater department of his high school, St. Ignatius, then entered the drama program at Baldwin Wallace college (now University) and graduated with honors. He served his apprenticeship to Actor’s  Equity at The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in 1971 and has pursued a colorful career over the  following 48 years in theater, television, and film. His stage credits include The Stratford Shakespeare  Festival in Canada as well as numerous Regional Theaters.

Film credits include the role of a cannibal in Quest for Fire to Santa Claus in A Christmas Horror Story. He  was the keeper of the brain in the cult classic The Brain – recently re-released on Blu-Ray and a trucker  on the first X-Men movie. He has played numerous biker roles in films such as Meatballs III, Diary of the  Dead, and Destiny to Order to name a few.

In television George has appeared on many series including The Strain, Friday the 13th, Mutant X, Fear  Itself, Skins, Puppets Who Kill, Due South, and Kung- Fu. On Maniac Mansion he played a giant mutated  four year old. On the Disney series, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, he played Jake, the next door neighbor. He  was Sinbad’s older brother, Doubar, on The Adventures of Sinbad, and a recurring character on The Red  Green Show.

For animation George is best known for being the voice of Beast on X-Men TAS. In addition, he voiced Chief Chirpa on Land Of the Ewoks, Grandpa on Beyblade, again Grandpa on Franny’s Feet, Mr. Gronkle on The Busy World of Richard Scarry, and Sloppy Joe on Grossology. Most recently he was the voice of  Kharl Zeon on the Ubisoft video game, Starlink Battle for Atlas. He has also done dozens of guest  appearances on numerous other animated series.

George Buza
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